Still alive, still finding some time to knit here and there. Just dialing down my online presence.  I’ll keep up the free slouchy hat pattern, though!

So, what do Lindsay Lohan, Kim Hargreaves, and Knit and Tonic’s Wendy have in common?

They have all been rocking the slouchy hat lately.  I wanted one too, for my own noggin. Especially for those days when I just can’t be bothered with my hair (which are alarmingly frequent).  I made mine less voluminous than some others for practical reasons.  Namely, I wanted it to actually stay on my head. 

Here’s the finished product:  The Slouchy Copy Cat Hat. It looks a little more slouchy in real life.

Slouchy Hat

Slouchy Hat Side View

For anyone who is interested in such things, I wrote out the pattern…

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